IRONJIAS Guide for the use of Heated Gloves

IRONJIAS Guide for the use of E-Heated Gloves
Do you endure riding in cold winter? Today, I will introduce you to the warm essentials of winter riding! It's heated gloves! Heated gloves provide warmth, protect hands from cold, and improve comfort and safety. For motorcycle enthusiasts, this is a valuable investment!
1.Advantages of heated gloves
2.Selection method of heated gloves
3.IRON JIAS heated gloves
    3.1 package content
    3.2 heated gloves
        Clear functional design!
        Let’s see what’s inside!
        Excellent waterproof function!
    3.3 Temperature
        CNT heating
        Two power supply
        Four-stage temperature
    3.4 Service



1. Advantages of heated gloves

1.Warmth retention: Heated gloves are designed to keep hands warm. Built-in heating elements provide uniform heat in g loves, which can keep hands comfortable even in cold environment.

2.Promote blood circulation: In cold temperature, blood circulation will deteriorate. Heated gloves help promote blood circulation and improve the feeling and movement of fingers by heating hands.

3.Cold protection: Heated gloves can protect hands from the cold outside temperature. Hand exposure to cold can lead to frostbite and cold disorder, while heated gloves protect hands by keeping proper temperature.

4.Operation experience : The design of heated gloves makes it easy for you to operate even if you wear gloves. For example, subtle actions such as operating touch screen devices and motorcycle handles can be successfully completed.

5.Temperature adjustable : heated gloves usually have a variety of temperature setting and adjustment functions. In this way, you can adjust the heat according to your own preferences and environment.

6.Safety: The existence of protectors improves the safety during climbing. In case of accident or collision, the protector can protect the hand and prevent serious injury.



2.Selection method of heated gloves

1.Thermal insulation performance : The most important function of heated gloves is thermal insulation. See how effective gloves can protect your hands. Pay attention to whether gloves can evenly disperse heat and warm to fingertip.

2.Waterproofness : heated heating gloves are used outdoors, so waterproofness is very important. Let's see if gloves are wet and rain resistant. Waterproof gloves can effectively keep warm even in wet conditions.

3. Battery life : heated gloves work with built-in batteries. Let's see if the battery life is very long. It is important to choose gloves with a battery life that can withstand long riding and long use.

4.Size and fit : Choose gloves that suit your hand size. Proper fitting of gloves can effectively keep warm and free movement of fingers.

5.Ease of use: Let's see if it is easier to operate while keeping heatedally heated gloves. Carefully check whether gloves will affect the operation of touch screen equipment and motorcycle steering wheel.

6.Review and evaluation: We can refer to the user comments and evaluations of the same model or brand of heated heating gloves. The opinions and experiences of other users are valuable sources of information about glove performance and durability.

7.Budget: While considering the budget, choose heated heating gloves that suit your price. The more expensive gloves are, the more high-performance and durable they are, so let's make the right choice according to our own needs and budget.



3. IRONJIAS Heated Gloves

Model: AXE01H

Color: Black

Size : M, L, XL, XXL

Price : 199.99€ (contact customer center for discount coupons)

Functions: Waterproof,washable,4-speed temperature setting, touch screen support, 2 power supply modes ;

Certification: CE standard, GRS certification materials, CNT heating materials

Packing contents: heated gloves*1pair, plastic bag*1pcs, reusable storage bag*1pcs, manual*1pcs, gift card*1pcs, batteries*2pcs, battery charger*1pcs; car charger*1pcs.


3.1 package content

We are committed to environmentally friendly and simple packaging, avoid over- packaging, and use recycled materials to make storage bags. This reflects our environmental protection concept based on GRS (Global Recycle Standard).


This storage bag made of recycled materials is very simple in design and comfortable to feel. And most importantly, this storage bag has waterproof function ! Attached is the instruction manual, which is available in English and Japanese. We will also provide instructions in other languages according to customers' needs. Please feel free to contact us if necessary! The manual details the detailed description of heating materials (CNT heating materials), charging instructions,temperature adjustment instructions, precautions, washing method instructions, customer support contact information, etc.


This is a gift card. If you receive heated gloves and are satisfied, please contact customer support, and we will send you a set of inner gloves free of charge.


This inner gloves are made of very thin and soft material. Put on inner gloves, then put on heated gloves, and the warmth is UP! Comfort UP! !


GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certification refers to the certification that products are made from global renewable resources. This certification ensures the use of environmentally friendly recycled materials, as well as the transparency and social responsibility of product supply chain. Products with GRS certification reflect the contribution to sustainable consumption.


3M cotton is a kind of cotton with high quality and excellent performance. The main advantages of 3M cotton are:

Warmth retention: 3M cotton has good warmth retention. Its fibrous structure makes it contain air, which keeps its body temperature and isolates the cold air from the outside world. This will keep your hands warm.

Hygroscopicity and quick drying: 3M cotton cotton has the characteristics of quick moisture absorption and quick drying. It can effectively absorb sweat and moisture on hands and keep comfortable.

Soft and comfortable fit: 3M cotton is soft and soft. Easy to fit hands without hindering natural movement. Improve the use feeling of gloves and provide comfortable wearing feeling.

Durability: 3M cotton durable, durable. Its fiber is very strong, and it can resist friction and tension during use.


In addition, there is a manual card, a convenient small ruler to measure the length of hands, and a panda sticker symbolizing the brand image. It's very cute!



3.2 heated gloves

Clear functional design!

On the left is a picture of the palm of the glove, and on the right is a picture of the back of the glove. The overall design is more suitable for ordinary friends, without fancy design. But the practical detail design is very good!

  1. Palm rubber pad: This pad feels soft and comfortable to wear. It doesn't use hard pads like other gloves, which reduces comfort. At the same time, it can also protect the palm from accidents. It can protect the palm well.

  2. Palm silicone pad: Increase friction, and handle motorcycle steering wheel better. You won't feel tired after long operation.

  3. Microfiber supporting touch screen: There is a microfiber supporting touch screen between index finger and thumb, which can operate smart phones without taking off gloves even in cold winter.4. Wiper: There is a wiper between the right finger, which can easily wipe the rain on the helmet shield in rainy days.

  4. Wiper: There is a wiper between the right finger, which can easily wipe the rain on the helmet shield in rainy days.

  5. Hard protective cover on the back of hand : There is a hard protective cover on the joint of the back of hand. Does it feel strong! This can protect the hand joints well.

  6. Night reflective design: The white part next to LOGO is night reflective material, which makes other vehicles easier to see and protects night safety!


Lets see what's inside!

On the inside of gloves, there is very soft fuzzing material. In order to control the steering wheel conveniently, the hair on the palm of the hand is shorter and the fuzz on the back of the hand is longer. Very soft Warm, good quality, no hair loss. In addition, the right glove is sewn with CE certification mark. You can buy gloves with confidence!


There is a label sewn next to the CE logo with details of the material. Now let's take a look at what the materials include. 35% of polyester, 15% of microfiber, 15%of PVC, 8% of polypropylene, 8% of sponge, 2% of carbon nano-powder, 5% of organosilicon, 5% of TPU and 4% of others. And laundry signs. Heated gloves support water washing, and the maximum washing temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. It can't be bleached or ironed. You can't dry it with a dryer, but you can hang it up and dry it.


Excellent waterproof function! !

To test the waterproof performance of gloves, I poured water on gloves.The gloves, like cups, kept the water firmly there, and it did not penetrate. About 10 minutes later, the reporter poured out the water in the gloves and found that the gloves were completely dry! Wear this pair of gloves, and you can spend the rain and snow in winter without worry! !



3.3 temperature setting and power supply

CNT heating material

The heating material of IRON JIAS heated gloves is CNT.CNT (carbon nanotube) heating material is a kind of material with ultrafine carbon tubular structure,which is called carbon nanotube.CNT has extremely high conductivity, and when there is heated flow,it has the property of heating. The main advantages of CNT heating materials include :

1.High heating efficiency: CNT has high conductivity and can effectively convert heatedity into heat. Therefore, effective heating can be realized with relatively little power.

2.Rapid heating in 3 seconds : CNT heating materials can be heated quickly. After power supply, the material itself will be heated within 3 seconds, which will make the hands warm rapidly.

3.Uniform heat distribution: CNT has the characteristic of providing uniform heat distribution. The arrangement of carbon nanotubes makes heat diffuse evenly throughout the material and prevents local heat concentration.

4.Thin and light : CNT heating materials are light and flexible. Therefore, it can be easily embedded in various products and devices to provide comfortable wearing and use experience.

5.Durability: CNT is very tough and durable. It can also withstand long-term use and repeated heating and cooling cycles.

Note : Other heated gloves use heated wire as heating material. These gloves are cheap, but they are heavier and can't be folded and washed freely like CNT gloves. In addition, the time when the hand feeling is heated will be prolonged. In addition, it will consume more heatedity.


Two power supply methods

There are two power supply modes for heated gloves. One is driven by batteries, and the other is charged directly by vehicles. Note : If you use vehicle direct charging, you need to remove the battery!


If you use a battery, you must insert the battery! Follow the steps

1.Unzip the pocket that holds the battery.

2.Locate the power connector inside the glove and insert the battery.

3.Place the battery securely in the pocket and close the zipper.

 What should I do if the battery is dead? ?

We provide battery charger, which can charge two batteries at the same time, which is very convenient! It takes about 5 hours to fully charge. When the battery is fully charged, the charger will light up green, and when the battery is full charged, the protection function will start, so there is no need to worry about abnormal heating and explosion caused by overcharge.

Charger ports in the US and Europe are different!


Of course, you can also use the motorcycle car charger to power the gloves!

The advantage of on-board charging is that it takes longer to heat. You can choose the most suitable power supply mode according to specific needs!


Four-stage temperature setting

Turn on the power (press for about 3 seconds)

Red: The temperature is about 131℉ (55℃)

Purple: The temperature is about 104℉ (40℃)

Green: The temperature is about 95℉ (35℃)

White : The temperature is about 86℉ (30℃)

Shut down (press for about 3 seconds)



3.4 services

1.Free delivery

2.1-year warranty (extended to 2 years for membership!!)

3.Customized gift


①Official website:

②Official Whatsapp: +86 15310194024     





After reading the above introduction, do you think heated gloves are very convenient? It can not only warm, but also protect hands. IRON JIAS's heated gloves are worth starting with!




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