8 Best Protective Gear Products for Winter Riding

8 Best Protective Gear Products for Winter Riding

Experiencing the bone-chilling cold while riding a motorcycle is nothing short of misery. We've gathered our top recommendations for the finest cold-weather motorcycle gear to ensure you can extend your riding season while staying safe and comfortable.


IRONJIAS Waterproof Heated Gloves


Have you ever tried riding in the wintered and ended up with freezing fingers? I have been there and never wanted to do it again. This is why I feel so happy to have these new e-heated gloves. It takes just couple of seconds to heat up and keep my freezing fingers warm in crazy -15°C outside. Since these gloves are waterproof, it is no worries for snowing and raining. Of course, winter riding is not just about comfort, but more about our safety. To get this, the IRONJIAS winter e-heated gloves are specially designed with protective shells and pads, and even better than materials that meet the Global Recycled Standard. Therefore, IRONJIAS has the best waterproof and heated motorcycle gloves for you to enjoy riding in cold weather, with all good value and features you can depend on.



REI Co-op Midweight Base Layer Half-Zip

Embrace the coziness of top-notch base layers. Layering serves as the cornerstone of all-day warmth. During colder months, it's crucial to keep cotton away from your skin, as it can turn chilling when it gets wet, either from sweat or external elements, potentially leading to hypothermia. The ideal solution lies in synthetic or woolen base layers.


Aerostich Windstopper Electric Vest

An electrically heated vest (or jacket) is an indispensable addition to your cold-weather motorcycle gear, ensuring your core remains toasty. Often, your fingers and toes become cold because your body strives to maintain a survivable temperature at its core. With a warm core, your blood circulation remains optimal, operating in regular mode rather than survival mode. In simpler terms, a warm core equates to more warmth circulating to your extremities.


Hippo Hands Motorcycle Hand Covers

Looking for a low-tech solution to keep your hands warm and dry? Enter Hippo Hands Motorcycle Hand Covers. With these, your hands are sheltered from the elements while maintaining easy access to your controls.


Apollo Heated Grips From Koso

If you've ever ridden on cold days, you know that your fingers are the first to succumb to the cold. Many times, I've found myself pulling over and warming my hands by the muffler, just to regain enough sensation to use my brake and clutch. That's the epitome of desperation.


Hydro Flask 24oz Standard Mouth

Why not warm up from the inside during cold weather? There's something incredibly comforting about knowing you have a hot beverage waiting for you at your next rest stop, no matter where you are.


Merino Fleece Neck Warmer by Buff

The area between your jacket collar and beneath your helmet is a vulnerable zone for cold air infiltration. These neck warmers stand out as essential cold-weather motorcycle gear due to their versatility. You can even pull it up over your nose if your face feels cold or wear it like a hat when your helmet is off or you're snuggled in a sleeping bag. Merino wool doesn't itch and offers a soft touch, not to mention exceptional warmth.


Smartwool Classic Extra Cushion Socks

Wool has been a trusted material for decades, thanks to its wintertime warmth properties. Its robust fibers retain freshness and insulation even in unfavorable conditions, and thick socks create an insulating air pocket in your boots, which your body warms through circulation. Beyond keeping you warm, these socks, with their natural wicking fibers, have the added benefit of keeping odors to a minimum — a welcome feature when sharing close quarters in a tent or hotel room after a long day of riding.


Grabber Excursion Pack

Sometimes, simplicity is sheer elegance. Imagine a scenario where your motorcycle breaks down or you encounter electrical issues that render your heated grips or vest useless. In such moments, having Grabber's chemical hand, toe, or body warmers as a backup plan in your tank bag proves to be a wise choice.


These essentials in cold-weather motorcycle gear are bound to elevate your riding experience during the colder seasons, all while ensuring that your safety and comfort remain paramount.



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