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As a proud extension of IRONJIAS, IRON embodies a philosophy centered on freedom, protection, and innovation. While you may already know IRON as a sub-brand of IRONJIAS, today we focus on the unique values and vision that define the IRON brand in the motorcycle riding community.

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Freedom and Innovation in Motorcycling

At the heart of IRON is safeguarding what matters most to you and empowering you to embrace the freedom of riding. IRON is passionate about innovation and protection. With the latest materials and designs focused on the rider, IRON protective gear does more than just accompany your ride—it lets the bikers ride comfortably and safely.

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Empowering Riders with IRON Riding Gear

IRON believes that every motorcycle trip should be a celebration of freedom. That's why our "Ride with IRON" campaign is more than just an invitation—it's a call to join a movement that champions the essence of what it means to be free. Whether navigating the urban sprawl or exploring remote bike trails, IRON is your trusted riding companion.

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IRON's Young and Stylish Future

Moving forward, IRON is set to captivate the hearts of a younger, trendier audience. our future designs will echo a vibrant, modern aesthetic that appeals to those seeking a stylish yet functional ensemble for their rides.

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Join IRON Ride Community

Being part of the IRON community means more than just wearing our protective riding gear. It's about sharing a collective vision of exploring new possibilities and pushing boundaries. IRON invites all the riders to join us on this journey and share their riding experiences, challenges, and triumphs.

As IRON continues to innovate and expand our offerings, we invite you to ride with us. Participate in IRON's upcoming events, engage with us on social media using #RideWithIRON, and be part of a community that values boldness and freedom.

Together, let’s forge paths where none existed, ride with passion, and celebrate every mile of freedom. Join us, and let IRON take you further than ever before on your motorcycle adventures.

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I always loved two wheels, motors, etc. My pops took me for a ride as a kid and then an old friend started riding. So I took up riding and connected better with@led360 during that time, him being a lifetime rider. As motorcycles grew on me, it became something I cherished and is a “healthy” habit (not for wallet). Riding has now become my passion and my therapy for negative life experiences. I love riding. #ridewithiron


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The best motorcycle rides are those spent with fellow riders who truly get it.

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