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IRON JIAS Beheizbaren Handschuhe Winter 12V Winterhandschuhe Wasserdicht Winddicht Warm Handschuhe Herren Damen

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IRONJIAS Black Waterproof Electric Heated Motorcycle Gloves
IRONJIAS Black Waterproof Electric Heated Motorcycle Gloves
IRONJIAS Black Waterproof Electric Heated Motorcycle Gloves
IRONJIAS Black Waterproof Electric Heated Motorcycle Gloves
IRONJIAS Black Waterproof Electric Heated Motorcycle Gloves
IRONJIAS Black Waterproof Electric Heated Motorcycle Gloves
IRONJIAS Black Waterproof Electric Heated Motorcycle Gloves
IRONJIAS Black Waterproof Electric Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Waterproof Heated Motorcycle Gloves

These heated gloves are designed with carbon nanotube technology and 3M cotton material, offering superior waterproofing and insulation properties, 4-level temperature adjustment configuration, and touch screen function. Warm your winter outdoor activity with your riding partners with these heated gloves.


Carbon Nanotube Material: Our heated gloves adopt innovative carbon nanotube as the heating material. It has excellent thermal conductivity, which can quickly and evenly heat the gloves. You can feel warm in just 3 seconds. The material is very lightweight and flexible, which won't affect the flexibility and comfort of the gloves. Moreover, it has high durability and stability, which is not easily damaged or degraded even after long-term use.

4 Temperature Settings: These heated gloves have four temperature settings: high, medium-high, medium, and low, so you can easily adjust the temperature. The colors represent different temperature ranges: red [120-127°], purple [111-118°], blue [102-109°], and white [95-100°]. It's a must-have item for winter riding, skiing, fishing, traveling, commuting to school or work.

GRS Certified Material: The motorcycle heated gloves are made of recycled materials. The storage bag is also made entirely of recycled materials.

Power Supply: The product includes heated motorcycle gloves, a dual-head charger, two large-capacity rechargeable batteries, and a storage bag. With the large-capacity batteries and the latest heating technology, the usage time will be longer. The batteries are packaged in a waterproof bag to prevent impact and rain. Place them in the dedicated charger, and you can charge two batteries at the same time, shortening the charging time.

Waterproof and Insulation: These heated gloves are made of 3M cotton, which has waterproof and insulation properties, and has 1.5 times higher insulation than down. The heat generated by the carbon nanotubes is confined within the gloves. Unlike traditional waterproof materials, these heated gloves use high-performance waterproof materials. The wristband of the gloves is also equipped with an adjustable strap to block cold air and snow, sealing the warmth inside the gloves.

Touchscreen Function: The special leather on the fingertips of the heated gloves can support touchscreens. You can operate your smartphone conveniently without taking off the gloves.

Professional Protection: There is a hard protector on the back of the hand, and the palm is designed with anti-skid gel and anti-fall slider. It provides all-around protection for your hands.


Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves

IRONJIAS has the best waterproof and heated motorcycle gloves for you to enjoy riding in cold weather. These gloves combine value and features you can depend on:

  • Fast and even heat
  • Quick charging
  • Protective shell and pads for safety
  • 4 temperature settings for different situations
  • 4 to 7 hours of runtime in zero degrees Celsius depending on the setting
  • Waterproof material for all-weather use

Safety Features Of IRONJIAS Motorcycle Heated Gloves

Heated motorcycle gloves need to protect your hands, not just keep them warm. That's why our gloves have a variety of features to keep you safe:

  • Shock-resistant TPR pads at the heel of the palm
  • Protective shell for the knuckles
  • Non-slip palm pad for dexterity
  • Heating technology controls temperature evenly and avoids burns

Ride In Comfort With Electric Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Choose the best heated motorcycle gloves from IRONJIAS to keep your hands toasty during cold weather riding.

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  • WASSERDICHTE 12-V-HEIZHANDSCHUHE: Das wind- und wasserdichte Design mit Heizsystem, das weder Wind noch Wind zulässt Wasser durch bei kaltem Wetter reiten!
  • EINGEBAUTE WÄRMEKONTROLLE: Ein Hoch- / Mittel- / Niedertemperaturregler zur Regulierung der Wärme mit diesen Handschuhen ist im Lieferumfang enthalten. Drücken Sie die EIN / AUS-Taste und halten Sie sie 5 Sekunden lang gedrückt, um das Heizsystem ein- und auszuschalten. Drücken Sie erneut auf verschiedene Heizeinstellungen, während die Taste aufleuchtet und die Farben je nach Heizeinstellung wechselt. 3M Thinsulate Isolations-Innenfutter hält Ihre Hände immer angenehm warm.
  • FINGER-TOUCH-BILDSCHIRM: Mit dem Touchscreen-kompatiblen Material an der Fingerspitze des Zeigefingers der Motorradhandschuhe können Sie Touchscreens Ihres Android- oder iOS-Telefons, PCs, Tablets und sogar Auto-Touchscreens bearbeiten, ohne die Handschuhe auszuziehen.
  • Bewerben Sie sich für Outdoor-Aktivitäten: Eislaufen Camping Angeln Jagd Radfahren
  • GARANTIE- UND RÜCKGABEPOLITIK: Unsere beheizten Touchscreen-Motorradhandschuhe sind warm und schützen Knöchel, Handfläche und Finger bei kaltem Wetter oder anderen Outdoor-Aktivitäten. Sie erhalten außerdem eine 90-tägige Garantie auf Austausch und Rücksendung, wenn sie nicht richtig passen oder Qualitätsprobleme aufweisen. Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf und wir stehen Ihnen rechtzeitig zur Verfügung.

Winter beheizte Handschuhe

Motorrad beheizte Handschuhe funktionieren gut im Herbst und im Winter. Sie sind für den Außenbereich sehr gut geeignet. Der Winter muss beheizte Handschuhe haben. Es gibt nichts Wichtigeres als Winterwärme und Gesundheit. Es wird auch als Geburtstag empfohlen, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Weihnachten und andere Warme Geschenke. Sie sind perfekte Geschenke für Freunde und Familie.

  • --- 12V Motorrad Batteriebetrieben ("Y" -Einstrumkte und Kabelbaum inklusive)
  • --- 12V 2200mAh Akku-Paket (separat erhältlich)
  • --- High / Medium / Niedrig-Temperaturregler eingebaut
  • --- Durch Touchscreen-Kompatibilität können Sie jederzeit Smartphone verwenden
  • --- Winddicht & wasserdicht in hellem Regen, Eis und Schnee
  • --- 3m Thinsulatsmaterial hält Ihre Hand warm, leicht ein- / auszusetzen
  • --- Anti-Collision-Schutzhülle bietet harte Rüstung für Ihre Knöchel, Finger und PalmenWinter 12V beheizte HandschuheWintermotorradhandschuhe.Outdoor-Sportheizte Handschuhe

Why Use Heated Biker Gloves?

Having warm hands while you ride isn't just about comfort. It's about maintaining safety and mobility while you're on the road. Even moderately cold weather can feel like a blizzard on your knuckles when you're going 50 or 60 MPH. A pair of heated gloves keeps your blood flowing and your hands ready to respond to anything on the road.

Heated moto gloves are a necessity if you're going to do any motorcycle riding in the autumn or winter. If you haven't taken your bike out in the winter before, you might be surprised at how much colder the air can feel when you hit highway speeds. Suddenly your mind goes straight to your hands as your knuckles go numb. That's what we want to help you avoid.

More Than Just Motorcycle Gloves

IRONJIAS heated motorcycle gloves have more applications than riding a sport bike or touring motorcycle. You'll find they're great for outdoor work in the cold, as ski gloves on the slopes, or for snowboarding, hiking, camping, and more. Anytime you feel the cold on your hands and regular gloves just don't cut it, battery motorcycle gloves can be a good solution.

Heated Gloves vs. Grips

Heated grips and heated gloves both help you combat cold weather. However, there are a few things to think about. Grips are permanently installed, which is nice, but they only heat the inside of your hand. And if you do a lot of city riding, your hand will be more exposed as you brake and switch gears constantly.

Electric gloves heat your whole hand even when you're switching gears or holding your phone. They don't require any special installation. They are better at defending against the cold wind coming at your knuckles and the backs of your hands, too. You can of course combine heated gloves, grips, and wind deflectors for the ultimate protection in sub-zero temps.

Smartphone Approved: Touchscreen Heated Gloves for Men and Women

Whether you need to take a call as you park or check the directions, you can use your smartphone and any other touchscreen tablets with these gloves. The battery heated motorcycle gloves have upgraded touchscreen material that lets you use your devices without taking them off. And since the gloves are flexible, you can maintain finger dexterity when using your screens.

Light The Fire With Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves

Having a rechargeable battery makes things easy. You can keep your hands warm without worrying about wires or bulky chargers when you're on the road. Our top heated motorcycle gloves come with wall plugs and cigarette lighter adapters. The dual-head charger powers up both batteries at the same time.

The battery life ranges from 4 to 7 hours depending on the heat level. The charging setup is compact, too. If you work outdoors for extended periods of time, it's easy to bring the charger and give the gloves some extra juice on your breaks.

The Science Behind Heated Winter Gloves

Our heated gloves for men and women use nanotube technology to deliver even heat in seconds. The heated glove liners are made from 3M Thinsulate which has 1.5 times the insulation as down, and this keeps your hands warm throughout the gloves.

Nanotube technology also allows our gloves to be more durable than other models. That means these heated motorcycle riding gloves can withstand up to 60 cycles in the washing machine without any issues (though gentle spot cleaning is the recommended method).

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